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The raw material of double buckle PVC reinforced pipe is a kind of chemical raw material PVC. Because of the advantages of wear resistance, aging resistance and light weight, it has been widely used. At present, the double buckle PVC reinforced pipe is used in the drainage and sewage system, which has various specifications and can be applied to various environmental drainage systems.


So, what are the characteristics of double buckle PVC reinforced pipe?


1. Double buckle PVC reinforced pipe can be used in underground water canal, farmland, orchard, industrial sewage drainage and construction.


2. Double buckle PVC reinforced pipe has unique structure. Due to its advanced technology, it has excellent resistance to external pressure and strong elasticity.


3. Double buckle PVC reinforced pipe has strong corrosion resistance, good resistance to chemical corrosion, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, with good environmental performance.



4. Because the weight of PVC twill reinforced pipe is relatively light, it is relatively simple and fast in the construction process, and its connection method is simple, which speeds up the progress of the project. Therefore, the cost of the project is low and saving more.


5. There are many specifications of double buckle PVC reinforced pipe, which can simplify the construction procedure and improve the reliability of engineering construction.


6. The inner wall of double buckle PVC reinforced pipe is smooth and smooth, with strong wear resistance, reducing friction resistance and greatly improving flow force.


7. The unique structure improves the service life of the pipeline, with long service life and low temperature resistance. The service life is buried for 50 years.




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